Heads - Sergey Arkadiev and Alexander Myagkov

"Accessible" Invasion "- one of the projects of the public movement" ACCESS IS OPEN "- a community of like-minded people, who strive to improve our world through volunteering to others. The essence of the project is to facilitate the visit of disabled people to the largest open-air multi-format music festival in Russia "Invasion".

People with disabilities, like everyone else, want to lead a fulfilling cultural life: go to exhibitions, to the theater, to concerts ... And lately, at least in big cities, they began to have such an opportunity. But not all interesting events take place in large cities.. How to be, eg, lovers of rock music, who want to attend a large-scale music festival, eg, "Invasion"? They often take place in an open field., and there are sometimes problems with basic amenities, not to mention the comfortable conditions for the stay of children with disabilities. Therefore, for a long time, for many of them, attending large music festivals seemed an impossible dream.. However, in 2014 several guys from Moscow proved, that this dream can come true.

The idea to organize a trip to the "Invasion" festival for children in wheelchairs came from Alexander Myagkov and Alexey Golubev, leaders of the public movement "Access is open". They turned to the organizers of the "Invasion" with a request to provide conditions for the stay of people with disabilities. The festival administration supported the idea: a special place was allocated on the territory for children in wheelchairs, the tent city was equipped with a special toilet and shower, and also conducted electricity, so that you can charge electric carriages.

There were, of course, and its difficulties. At first, there were practically no volunteers, all assistance to participants with disabilities was provided by their friends. Then the organizers of the project decided to write to various publics on social networks, uniting rock music lovers. It was there that we managed to find amazing responsive guys., who became the first volunteers of the festival. They set up tents, helped to accommodate participants with disabilities, carried heavy things, etc.. Subsequently, they turned from volunteers into loyal friends of Accessible Invasion..

They began to recruit such a volunteer group to travel to the festival every year.. It is worth noting, that usually volunteers at various events are provided with free meals, accommodation, can partially or completely compensate for travel or offer other pleasant bonuses. There was no such opportunity here - even participants with disabilities paid for a ticket to the festival themselves., albeit at a discount, what can we say about those, who helps them… Respectively, the volunteers had no material motivation to go to the Invasion for their own money and at the same time not rest there, it's quite hard to work physically, help someone. But despite all this, those wishing to volunteer to the "Affordable" Invasion "were still!

After the first trip to 2014 many people joined the project team, and one of them, Sergei Arkadiev, eventually became the curator of this "Affordable" Invasion. Beginning with 2015 and, more actively, with 2016 for a year he deals directly with the whole organization, volunteers and others.

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