Author and project manager - Dmitrieva Zhanna Vladimirovna

Project participants – youth from 14 to 35 years with and without disabilities, who is ready to perform, work, create joint creativity and find in this a source of inspiration and development for yourself.

At the moment, people with disabilities are older 18 years old, especially with mental disorders, often nothing to do, they can't find themselves, hence the feeling of uselessness and unfulfillment is born. Studio “Broadway inclusive” for such people it becomes a platform for learning, realization of their desires; guys are performing successfully, win prizes, travel around Russia and feel happy. Also, absolutely healthy participants come and become dance volunteers, thereby helping their peers with disabilities to be more confident. People without disabilities gain invaluable experience of productive creative interaction in different situations and with different people. Dancing numbers and inclusive performances of this studio have not left anyone indifferent yet.

Command “Broadway inclusive” brings together professional dancers, people who are not indifferent to the problems of people with disabilities and who want to develop dance creativity. Among the organizers of the project is the champion of Udmurtia in hip-hop, ballroom dancing champion of Udmurtia, professional dancers, winners of inclusive dance competitions and festivals, including wheelchair users. Love of dancing, to co-creation, desire to help people – all this helps the project to grow and develop.

Studio start “Broadway inclusive” was laid in September 2013 of the year, but her birthday is celebrated 26 january 2014 of the year, when for the first time on the big stage, the duet of Zhanna Dmitrieva and Ani Timofeeva was shown (cerebral palsy diagnosis).

Zhanna Dmitrieva tells, that the studio was originally created “Broadway”, where only healthy children and adults participated, a little later, Anya Timofeeva joined the project with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Further, due to the great need of people with disabilities and their parents for creativity and development, numbers with blind children and cerebral palsy were delivered, and the studio began to be called “Broadway inclusive”.

"Broadway inclusive" performed throughout Udmurtia, and, in the Republic of Crimea.

New issues appear every year, with whom the project participants take first and second places in regional and all-Russian competitions. The dance group has gained great popularity and receives invitations to perform at the main venues of the city of Izhevsk and the Udmurt Republic. The studio is also actively developing theatrical direction. Stably 1-2 once a year the team creates new performances, with whom he then tours Udmurtia.

On 2020 a year in the project they are engaged and perform about 100 people of different ages and health capabilities. About half of the participants have a disability, and the other half – without OVZ. For people with musculoskeletal disorders, professional dance wheelchairs are used in the classroom. Periodically, the studio members change, but this does not prevent the project from developing, and the participants – improve your health and professionalism. Classes are held 2-3 once a week at various venues in the city of Izhevsk.

The brightest events and achievements in the history of the project:

– participation in the opening and closing of the Second International Paradelphic Games (inclusive competitions for people with disabilities in the arts) in 2018 year;

– creation of the most massive inclusive flash mob in support of the Second Paradelphic Games, where more than 450 person (of them 250 disabled person;

– creation of a performance “Make a fairy tale come true”, to which it came 1500 person;

– victory at the festival “Inclusive dance” in 2019 year;

And the most important achievement of the project team is that, that they help thousands of people to be happy.

Now the organizers are developing similar studios in different regions of the Republic of Udmurtia. In the plans of the project manager – access to the Volga Federal District, then, The Russian Federation and even to the international level.

Sources of project financing: personal investment, investments of parents of people with disabilities, Izhevsk administration, grants, sponsors, charitable foundations.

According to Zhanna Dmitrieva, the project successfully copes with all difficulties, and if it does not cope, then the difficulty becomes a task, to be solved, what the team is doing successfully.


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The project won the competition “Live inclusive practices 2020”, held within the framework of the federal forum “Live inclusive practices” with the support of Presidential Grants Fund.

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