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We announce the start of the contest in the field of socially significant projects to provide support for inclusive initiatives by the Linline Good Line Charity Foundation. Фонд былFurther

13 January, Yaroslavl will host a unique charity "Christmas Tale" as part of the inclusive project "Kindness in Faces". Children from large families,Further

Dear friends, партнеры и коллеги! Настало время рассказать о нашем новом проекте! 12 декабря мы презентовали направления грядущей работы партнерамFurther

Dear friends, especially for you, Today we published a very important document – The concept of inclusive development of the Russian community. This is our plan.,Further

Electric carriage, ramp, stepper, departure, excursion, iВолга-2018 – these are concepts, who have firmly entered our life and work this year,Further