Sverdlovsk region, g. Nizhny Tagil

Project Manager – Denis D. Grekhov, has a hearing disability.

"Quiet Place" is a unique project for the Ural Federal District, uniting the "world of the deaf" with the "world of hearing". A distinctive feature of the coworking center is the service of guests in Russian sign language (РЖЯ) in order to popularize it among the hearing and provide creative spaces (barista work) employment for young people with hearing impairment. The main feature of the project is, that guests of the coworking center can take part in RL training events under the program, specially designed for a coworking center, taking into account creative and popular formats (mini-lectures 15*4, quiz, event hall and others.).

The project is aimed at solving several social problems:

the problem of social isolation of people with hearing impairment from hearing people. Exactly hearing disability differs from other forms of disability in that, что отсутствуют возможности общей коммуникации с окружающими людьми. Люди с нарушением слуха не могут использовать устную речь и имеют большие трудности в изучении письменного жестового языка. Russian sign language is an excellent alternative to speaking, is he, also beautiful and multifaceted, but due to the fact, that only hearing impaired, but hearing people do not, a situation of “a foreigner in to their country ", when deaf people communicate only with each other.

in turn, hearing people develop stereotypes about intellectual insufficiency and "unsociability" of the deaf, there is awkwardness in the situation interactions, as a result of which hearing people avoid communication with people with hearing impairment.

This project – это возможность взаимодействия в интересных и креативных форматах людей с нарушениями слуха и без них.

Команда проекта:

в проекте задействованы четыре человека с инвалидностью по слуху, who act as a barista.

project coordinator – Russian sign language translator (РЖЯ), which helps in organizing events and workshops.

дизайнер занимается оформлением и графикой.

Также проект собрал вокруг себя волонтеров и неравнодушных людей.

The project has started 01.08.2019 на средства гранта, received within the framework of the competition for grants from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs "Rosmolodezh". The time for the implementation of the grant project is already over, but he continues to live and develop.

The coworking center "Quiet Place" was visited by more than 500 person, among whom were both people with disabilities, including, by ear, and without health restrictions. All events were bright, extraordinary, creative and imaginative.

The most memorable were such events of the project, like opening, visiting master- classes on RSL, activities for schoolchildren, talent evening, show- magician, new year event, dedicated to the official closure of the project.

"The official closing of the project has passed 29 December 2019 of the year, but so far we are focused on developing our favorite coworking center. Plans to move to premises from the municipality of the city administration, the mayor of the city supports our project. Events are already planned for 2 months ahead ",- делятся своими планами организаторы.

Проект существует на средства гранта от «Росмолодежи», personal investment, спонсорскую помощь, также оказывается поддержка администрацией города.

Certainly, организаторы задумываются о росте и развитии проекта. Хотели бы делиться опытом в других регионах и даже за рубежом. Сейчас основная задача – это расширение в пределах своего города и привлечение молодых инвалидов к креативности, творчеству, участию в мастер–классах. В перспективе – increase in activities for integration and collaboration with other social projects.

What difficulties the organizers face:

  • the difficulty is, that there is no own premises yet, so you have to rent it.
  • because of, that the head of the center has a hearing impairment, difficulties arise when communicating in negotiations, RSL translator is constantly needed. Some people are reluctant to agree to negotiate without an RSL translator.

Project group in social networks

The project won the competition “Live inclusive practices 2020”, held within the framework of the federal forum “Live inclusive practices” with the support of Presidential Grants Fund.

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