The only youth television studio on the territory of the Berezovsky urban district, which has existed since 2017 years and continues to work at the present time.
Project Manager – Ksenia Kaminskaya, TV journalism and editing teacher. Student of the Humanities University, completed a one-year internship in the USA.

An excellent team of teachers has been formed in the studio, specialists in various fields of media, each of whom already has a professional education, or is in the process of getting it.

The project participants are adolescents and youth with disabilities and disabilities from 14 years old, as well as former inmates of orphanages and youth without disabilities at the age 14-18 years old.

The project aims to solve two problems:

Lack of inclusion in the system of additional education in the Berezovsky urban district. There are no leisure and inclusive educational programs for adolescents and youth with disabilities in the district. Therefore, Compass TV Studio is very popular..

Lack of sufficient material on social issues in local media.

In this regard, the studio team regularly receives requests for filming footage from public and charitable organizations.. There are also charity photo sessions for families., raising children with disabilities and for homeless animals. Photos are used in groups on social networks to raise funds.

Today the studio is engaged in 20 guys, 5 of which with different types of disabilities. Teens with disabilities come to classes from nearby cities: Ekaterinburg, Pervouralsk and Asbestos. Competitive selection of new students is held annually.

Ksenia Kaminskaya

“After, how did i graduate from school, began to think, what to do next, how to develop. Before that I 3 of the year studied at the studio of Youth Television in Yekaterinburg, and there were no such associations in Berezovsky. So we decided to create. Gathered a small team, agreed with the library on the provision of premises and began to conduct classes” – says Ksenia Kaminskaya, project Manager.

The project is being successfully implemented, new disciplines appear, works of adolescents are highly appreciated by specialists at competitions and festivals. Youth and adolescents try their hand at media volunteering, so that they can not only learn the basics of journalism, but could be useful themselves, using knowledge in volunteer work, obtained in the learning process.

Over the past academic year, the project participants managed to visit several festivals and forums for young journalists. The brightest and most diverse was the trip to Moscow for two festivals at once: “Turn on” and “Moscow dream boat”, where our studio took prizes. The guys attended master classes from leading media specialists, and also visited the studios “Mosfilm”, “Union Cartoon” and Russian Public Television. Experience shows, that such trips contribute to the motivation of students.

The project partners are: Central city library. Berezovsky, Association "Special People", Linline Kind Line Charitable Foundation, Youth Media Studio “Loudly!”. Information partners of the project (local media): newspapers "Berezovsky Rabochiy" and "Zolotaya Gorka", TC "Age of Television". IN 2018 a grant from Rosmolodezh was won.

Difficulties in project implementation

For high-quality and more efficient work, there is not enough expensive equipment. Adolescents and youth, who are trained in the studio, mostly brought up in families with disabled children, foster and low-income families, they cannot afford to buy expensive equipment. He techniques, which is available, not enough for so many guys.

The project will be developed and implemented in the future, develop new directions of activity. The project is presented in various forums, conferences, gatherings. Information about the studio's work is disseminated through the Vkontakte group and personal pages on social networks. The children’s media work is sent to contests and festivals. In the new academic year, recruitment will be carried out 10 new members.

Studio contacts:

Kaminsky Ksenia

Project Manager


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