Inclusive equestrian theater "Fly without wings "Volgograd region.

The project aims to create a platform for equal opportunities and inclusion, with the use of adaptive riding as a means of rehabilitation for children with disabilities.

The ability to communicate with peers in children with disabilities, Unfortunately, in everyday life is most often excluded. A child's disability is often associated with loneliness. Children, basically, are at home, often homeschooled, and their circle of friends - parents and close relatives. These children have serious speech and emotional disorders., movement disorders, difficulties in communication and interaction with peers. And circles and sections, there are practically no or they are hardly available that could help to solve these problems, since many do not have the opportunity to pay for expensive additional classes and sections. As a result, children with disabilities do not have the opportunity to fully develop and realize their creative potential.

One of the main tasks of the project – to find a friend!

A friend can be found like in a horse, which gives unique emotions, so in another child, who is ready to help, and, of course, friend-teacher, who is ready to share his experience.

Project participants – children and parents from the city of Volzhsky, Volgograd, Krasnoslobodsk, pos. 2-I'm a Five-Year Plan and others. The project began its implementation with 1 August 2019 years and is valid to the present.

Project Manager, its creator, art director and part-time trainer in adaptive riding – Zevakina Alina Olegovna. The project team includes teachers of the art circle, acting skills, vocals and choreography, stage director of equestrian performances, photographer and specialist in technical and information support, and, of course, 15 horses, who act not only as a hippo trainer, but also a friend and partner in performances.

The project unites children with different disabilities under the roof of the arena (Down syndrome, DCP, autism spectrum disorders), and without health problems.

“We began to provide services for “hippotherapy” free of charge with 2017 years and continue this work to this day, because we understand how hard it is for families, facing the problem of disability and finding themselves in a difficult life situation. For 2019 a year we got a recovery 30 kids. Now participating in the project 35 children. During the period of work “adaptive riding” us, as well as the parents noted significant improvements in both the musculoskeletal system, and from the side of communication and communication skills. Our club is the only one, who is the organizer of horse shows and inclusive equestrian competitions on a charitable basis since 2016 of the year. IN 2019 year we thought about, to combine adaptive horse riding and colorful demonstration performances into one interesting project, that's how our theater was born”, – shared by the project manager.

Thanks to winning the Presidential Grants Fund competition, an indoor arena was built, which has become our new creative platform. It was the arena that brought together a competent project team under its roof and united families with talented children of different ages, gender, health opportunities.

Equestrian theater actors can attend Adaptive Riding lessons monthly, acting skills. In the classroom, children create sketches of costumes and scenery for performances, and then they gladly help to make and paint them. One of the new directions is animation classes., when children learn to create their own original cartoons.
One of the prerequisites for the project – children can make comments, how they see a particular role or scene.
Each performance is unique and inimitable, each performance is remembered by participants and spectators for a long time.

For April 2020 year shown 4 the most beautiful performances, one of which was visiting. As part of the celebration of Maslenitsa, with the support of the Mountain Administration. Volgograd. An inclusive equestrian theater was able to show a bright performance, which ended with an enchanting fire show and burning carnival. At the same time, the guests of the holiday did not even know, that they have actors with disabilities, since it is the theater that helps to make everyone on stage equal!
At the performance based on the Nutcracker “The Curse of the Rat”, adults cried, when, according to the script, good defeated evil.
At the play "How Ivan Solnyshko Rescued" the audience gave a standing ovation and did not want to leave the arena.
According to the organizers, the project is very bright, smart, large-scale , incredibly expensive, but giving a colossal return!

Sources of financing

Organization's own funds, Presidential Grants Foundation grant, sponsorship.

Difficulties in implementation

Difficulties, basically, associated with high financial costs. The second important point is, that the project team is still learning to work with children with severe disabilities, especially not easy to introduce children with autism into the team.

The organizers are ready to share their experience and will be happy, if every city has its own inclusive equestrian theater!


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The project won the competition “Live inclusive practices 2020”, held within the framework of the federal forum “Live inclusive practices” with the support of Presidential Grants Fund.

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