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This is an international social Internet project about affordable tourism and travel without barriers..

One of the key problems, for which the project was created – this is the lack of reliable information about the available infrastructure for tourists with disabilities. Just like everyone else, people with disabilities want to lead an active life, travel, explore the world. However, a tourist with limited mobility has to face a lot of barriers.. Transport, hotels, sights - all of this is often inaccessible or available very conditionally. Lack of information about adapted travel products and services prevents people with disabilities from realizing their travel dreams.

Another problem is that people with disabilities often have difficulties with self-realization and integration into society.. This project gives them the opportunity to try themselves as a guide, help other tourists with limited mobility, share your experience, lead a more active lifestyle. At the same time, receive financial rewards for their work in the case of paid excursions.

Project audience - travelers with limited mobility, tourists with disabilities (blind, visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, people with wheelchairs), as well as parents with small children and the elderly.

Project - information site, in Russian and English, consists of two parts:

1. Excursions, entertainment, activity, adapted for people with disabilities (free and paid) in different cities and countries;

2. Affordable Tourism News, interviews with experienced travelers, description of the availability of tourist facilities and infrastructure (museums, transport, hotels, attractions) in Russia and other countries, life hacks, etc. for information and inspiration.

We talk about the possibilities of barrier-free tourism as for Russians, traveling in our country and abroad, and for foreign guests, coming to Russia.

Globe4all – this is a startup, arising from the desire to make the world of travel accessible to everyone. We first created a website, on which they began to publish information about affordable tourism. These were the sights, interviews with travelers, etc.. Covered other similar initiatives around the world. We worked on the project in our free time, gradually got to know future partners and studied the development of inclusive tourism in different countries“, – tell Renat and Nadezhda.

The project provides information on the available tourist infrastructure: hotels, transport, sights, etc.. Tourists with special needs are told about the experiences of low-mobility travelers.

Persons with disabilities - as individuals, and organizations, can register on the website as a guide, and organize your excursion, telling about interesting and accessible sights of your city or country. Or use the database of existing free and paid excursions and book adapted entertainment for yourself at your destination. The organizers also work with partners - travel companies, transport companies, museums, hotels, involving them in the creation of adapted services for tourists with limited mobility and the development of inclusive tourism.

The project is developing on the territory of Russia and the world. Since most of the team is in St. Petersburg, it is also very important for leaders to adequately represent their favorite city.

Founders and leaders of the project - Renat and Nadezhda Anpilogov from St. Petersburg.

Renat (IT executive) and Hope (journalist, interpreter) love to travel, and want, so that anyone on the planet can fulfill their travel dreams.

The project has a truly inclusive team (7 person), among which there are travelers with limited mobility, firsthand knowledgeable about accessibility issues. for example, blind journalist from Moscow, another observer is a wheelchair traveler from St. Petersburg, new media specialist knows all about gluten intolerance. Each team member has different experiences with different aspects of accessibility, but also actively travels. Most of the Globe4all team is located in St. Petersburg, the second part - in Moscow. Partners and volunteers help with the project, including public organizations of people with disabilities from different regions of Russia and other countries: Germany, Italy, Morocco, Jordan, UAE, Nepal, Slovenia, Of Israel, France, Japan, Argentina, Denmark, South Korea, etc..

Two important milestones can be noted from the history of the project

in 2018 year

Globe4all won the World of Equal Opportunities All-Russian Festival of Social Internet Resources

IN 2019 year

Winner of the Expo Live Grant Program at the World Expo 2020 Dubai

According to the authors, one of the highlights, participated in the Expo Live grant program in Dubai - there was a meeting with global innovators (Global Innovators) Are people, developing social projects in different countries of the world in various fields - medicine, education, Agriculture, ecology, inclusion. A very inspiring and inspiring experience - connecting with people, which everyone in their region is trying to make the world a better place. Thanks to this program, the organizers not only got the opportunity to develop their project, but also saw, that joint efforts bring real results and benefit to society.

The second memorable moment is the meeting of the entire Globe4all project team in St. Petersburg, when participants from different cities could see live for the first time. Here link for a short video about, how it was.

The whole team visited and checked for availability several iconic museums of St. Petersburg.

Project participants are confident, that all their work consists of highlights, because they are doing, what they like most is traveling. Meeting with each new partner in different cities, which make tourism more accessible, meeting people, with their stories - these are bright and inspiring events.

Sources of project financing

The project was originally funded from own funds. IN 2019 year received grant support from the Expo Live program.

One of the difficulties in the implementation of the project is the underdeveloped market of inclusive tourism in our country..

One more problem – these are limited resources, including temporary, which forces you to postpone some interesting tasks and queue.


The project won the competition “Live inclusive practices 2020”, held within the framework of the federal forum “Live inclusive practices” with the support of Presidential Grants Fund.

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