Inclusive honey – unique social and cultural project, uniting children and youth with various disabilities and without.
The program of the event is adapted for absolutely everyone. Everyone can take part in the project.

Implemented with 2014 of the year


Samara Region r. Samara


Active residents of Samara with and without disabilities


More 600 person


6 inclusive balls

IN 2014 Samara activists decided to organize a holiday, which would be accessible to everyone and adapted for children with disabilities so, so that they do not feel limited when they go on stage.
Inclusive dancing was chosen as a base, because they have long been a tool for social adaptation and rehabilitation of people with disabilities of all forms. The interaction between a healthy person and people with disabilities at the exit brings enormous benefits to everyone. For a dancer with a disability, our project is to help develop banal motor skills and coordination, and even leadership, communication skills. For a healthy inclusive ball – lesson, educating inside an understanding of the uniqueness of each person.

This film is from the cycle “Life frames” about people, for whom the romance of the ball exists.


The organizers and partners of the event are SRMOO "Inclusive Club of Volunteers", modern rehabilitation center, ballroom movement "Empire", Charitable Foundation "Line of Kindness" Linline ", Beauty Salons, professional cosmetics stores, floristic studios and pastry shops of the city

The Samara project seeks to promote balls precisely as a tool for inclusive interaction. Similar practices can sometimes be found in other regions.. but, Samara regional inclusive ball is unique. IN 2015 year, the organizing team managed to attract Malcolm Brown, a representative of the Scottish Royal Dance Society, to participate, who created several counterdances for the project. This practice became the first in the world.

During its existence, the project did not have to face serious difficulties, only with everyday tasks during the organization of balls. Still one of the problems is the acute shortage of male dancers.. Men with and without disabilities, equally, have a hard time making contact and do not always willingly take part in dance projects.
Another challenge, who constantly stands in front of the organizers of the ball – search for volunteers and volunteers. The inclusive ball team needs people all the time, ready to organize help for people with disabilities in transportation to the place of rehearsals and the ball. Also, the organizers are in constant search of makeup artists and specialists from the beauty industry., who could prepare the project participants for the ball. The latter's help is very important, because thanks to her, the inclusive ball really looks like a large-scale and bright event, allowing to erase the boundaries between “can” and “it is impossible”, disability and its absence.

Hundreds of people have already become participants in the Regional Inclusive Ball. Many of them learned to dance only thanks to the project.

Project initiators

We bring people together and blur the boundaries between them. Together we create a single, healthy, free from prejudice, inclusive society.

Ekaterina Sizova

director of ANO "Inclusive Creativity Studio"

It is important for us, so practice, which we are implementing on the territory of Samara and the Samara region has not only erased the boundaries between the local, but also became popular throughout Russia. We are ready to share our experience.

Alexey Transcev

director SMROO "Inclusive volunteer club"

I was recently convinced of the validity of the aphorism “When you need support – show it yourself, who needs it more, than you ". Being in creative discouragement, not finding a response in a friendly circle, – I feel inspired at the rehearsals of our Inclusive Ball.

Sergey Boldyrev

ballroom leader "Empire"

Inspired by what they saw?

Contact the authors of the project, if you want to become their partner, ask a question or take part in the next inclusive ball

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