Sverdlovsk region, g. Nizhny Tagil

In the industrial city of Nizhny Tagil, the development of inclusion and an inclusive society is underway, albeit not so fast, like in big cities. Inclusion in Nizhny Tagil was best represented in the field of culture and art and did not affect the sports side of the city's public life..

The idea of ​​the project “Inclusive fitness: we erase the boundaries!”Consists in organizing a set of classes in several areas of physical training for young people with and without disabilities in one group. Also in the project, along with fitness, there were introductory classes in aqua aerobics and adaptive gymnastics.. All workouts not only teach participants the principles of a healthy lifestyle, but also make them physically more active. And people with various health disorders have a great opportunity to leave the house and have a good time..

The project is designed for young people with disabilities, the coaching staff of the project pays special attention to people with various disorders of the musculoskeletal system, also young people with other forms of disability and without health restrictions are involved in the project. Age of participants: from 18 to 35 years old.

Author and project manager – Frunze Sophia Romanovna, member of the Nizhny Tagil youth association "Inclusive society: New reality ", has musculoskeletal disorders.

Also, the project team works on a volunteer basis.: fitness instructor, trainer-rehabilitation therapist and instructors in adaptive gymnastics, having not only specialized qualifications, but also a wide experience of communication and work with people with disabilities.

Over the entire period of the project implementation, it was attended by 37 person, of them 25 with disabilities and 12 - no disability. 16 people have lesions of the musculoskeletal system, 6 – have mental impairments, 3 – have hearing impairment, 1 – visual impairment. Since the project is inclusive and an important task was to establish interaction and communication between people with and without disabilities, then students of the specialty "Physical culture" took part in it, and participants with disabilities attracted their relatives and friends without disabilities.

The most striking events of the project can be called the first introductory fitness training from Golubkov N. D., where participants received general information about adaptive fitness, and the final sports festival of the same name “Inclusive Fitness: we erase the boundaries!», two-piece: rewarding participants and partners of the project (including the coaching team) and sports and entertainment with outdoor games and intellectual verbal battle.

The organizers faced difficulty in reaching target audiences with disabilities, since many people with disabilities lead a secluded lifestyle, often feeling afraid to leave the familiar home environment, especially when it comes to contact with healthy people.

It was also not easy to find truly affordable premises., the only suitable premises was the municipal budgetary institution "Sports and Adaptive School named after Mikhalina Lysova", which operated its own schedule, and they had to provide a room outside of working hours for them and for just one training session, after that I had to look for a new place. Three weeks later, the first training sessions in adaptive gymnastics from the instructor E Litvinova took place.. AND. and from a specialist in adaptive physical culture Skvortsova E. AND. The premises for these trainings were provided by the organizers of another social project, the "Quiet Place" coworking center and the Sverdlovsk regional public organization of artists "Authors of Phenomena", on the territory of the Nizhny Tagil public organization "Center for Public Initiatives".

Difficulties with instructor-teachers, I had to additionally look for and attract specialists.

It was originally planned to conduct a course of training in aqua aerobics, but it had to be replaced with 4 additional training in adaptive gymnastics due to the lack of accessible premises in the city with a pool for people with disabilities.

The start of the project became possible thanks to a grant from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs "Rosmolodezh", received in June 2019 of the year, but its development is now continuing without grant support, thanks to the purchased equipment, the formed team of specialists and the premises, available on a royalty-free basis.

The project team is ready to share experience on its implementation at all kinds of forums and seminars, dedicated to social entrepreneurship and inclusive, adaptive practices.

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