27 february 2018 of the year on the stage of the Kazan Theater for Young Spectators the premiere of the experimental performance “A seagull named Jonathan Livingston”, prepared by children in the Inclusive Creative Laboratory “Creating a theater”.

This is a story about freedom of choice. After all, we ourselves choose, who should we be, how to build relationships with the outside world, whether to be free, or be limited. And even if health options are limited, it does not mean at all - limited possibilities of life. There are many fantastic examples of confirmation of our words in the world..

“The idea of ​​staging the play came from somewhere "from above". This is a story about believing in yourself, and its purpose, and most importantly, about that, that the possibilities of people are unlimited. We believe, that such projects are necessary in the modern world. It is the belief in the limitless possibilities of the participants of our Inclusive Laboratory that we took as the basis of our joint creativity. And the concept of "freedom, as the essence of each person "laid the basis for the performance”, – tells the teacher-organizer of our theater and director of the play Daria Andreevna Khurtina.

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