Unusual magazine for disabled bloggers is gaining momentum on the Internet. We recommend not to get lost and join!

24-On March 2019, the project “Selfie: Special bloggers magazine»This is a unique free platform for various content: not only written works, but also audio and video materials. The project is aimed at the development of bloggers with disabilities. Now hundreds of people are published in the magazine, and, as the authors of the idea said, this is not the limit.

“There are many disabled bloggers, but they have an audience – small. And stereotypes are to blame! Our project aims to dispel the doubts of many people about such bloggers. Guys make travel reports, talk about their hobbies and just share their life experiences ", - says Alexandra Nikitina.

Authors of the idea: Alexandra Nikitina and Ilya Kartavenko

You can contact by e-mail: slona198787@gmail.com or kartavenko83@gmail.com

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