Project "Movement without Borders". Ufa is one of the winners of the competition "Inclusion - turn on and turn on!"Charitable Foundation" Line of Kindness "Linline".
Ufa hosts inclusive adaptive physical education classes for children with autism with the support of the Linline Kind Line Charitable Foundation. Thanks to sports equipment, the project "Movement without Borders" transferred by the Foundation, classes will become more productive and varied.

Autism is a disorder, in which a person experiences impaired social interactions and, usually, incapable of full-fledged social communication. To date, there is no data on the prevalence of autism in Russia: most children with ASD are not diagnosed, and their parents don't know, how can you help them. The work of the team of the project "Movement without Borders" is devoted to this problem - the gradual inclusion of children with autism spectrum disorder in the peer group using the means of adaptive physical education. The head of the project "Movement without Borders" Ernest Valishin notes, that creating conditions for inclusive education of children with autism – multi-stage project. “It all starts with testing the skills of an individual child and consulting with the parents. Further, individual lessons with a trainer, where is the work on physical, household and social skills ", – says Ernest.

In the gym, where do the guys do, sensory unloading zone created – children ride and play on a hammock, swing and balance bar during the break between exercises. Certainly, as in any class, child's motivation is important, that's why the teachers of Movement Without Borders use incentives – after each completed task, the child has a favorite game. The teacher, together with the child, collects blocks of movements into a holistic exercise, which is always consistent with everyday practice. For parents and children, who are interested in a more detailed approach, along with group lessons, there are also individual. In this case, work with a child is built in this way – after successful mastering of skills in individual lessons, the results are analyzed by a college of teachers - a trainer, defectologist and behavioral analyst. Then a group is selected and a program for inclusive classes is drawn up, where, along with children with autism, normal children are engaged.

A tutor works with every child with autism spectrum disorder in the class, which helps him to go through the educational path and successfully communicate with the group. The main program of activities in the project includes the implementation of certain age-appropriate and epidemiological disorders of sports exercises, games, trainings, relay race. The Movement Without Borders team considers, that the general principle of teaching in their project comes from the postulate "from parts to whole". Thanks to this gradual work, over time, a comprehensive rehabilitation of children with autism takes place - the children develop their physical characteristics, master the characteristics of their own body and adapt to different activities in a peer group.

The project "Movement without Borders" is being implemented in the ANO helping children and adults with autism spectrum disorders "Rassvet". Ufa.

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