Project Manager - Kolmogorova Yana Anvarovna

The activities of the Inclusive Theater Studio "ORA" contributes to solving urgent problems of our society: forming attitudes towards people with disabilities, how to complete, full members of society; the formation of an active citizenship in people with disabilities, their involvement in public life and successful employment. The main target audience of the project are adults with disabilities. (but with intact intelligence), youth of the Sverdlovsk region aged 18 -28 years old, mostly students, who are interested in creative approaches to art, as well as specialists and employees of social institutions of the Sverdlovsk region and all, who works directly with disabled children and people with disabilities.

Project development history

In November 2015 of the year, thanks to the efforts of the director of the Sharmanka Theater Larisa Leonidovna Abasheva, the Inclusive Theater Studio was founded under the Charitable Foundation, actors of which are people with disabilities 1-3 groups (mainly with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, DCP) without professional education along with experienced actors. Over time, inclusive theater took its own path, without the support of a charitable foundation, and received a new name - "ORA". The name is based on a kind of play on words. Maori language, indigenous inhabitants of New Zealand, "Ora" means "life", whereas in Italian this word has a different meaning - "hour". The name of the theater "ORA" can be understood, how "life in an hour" is exactly what, what the viewer sees, coming to theatrical performance.

IN 2017 year, the theater "ORA" staged the play "Prininpram Circus named after Daniil Kharms", which was presented in Moscow within the framework of the festival "Protheatr. International meetings "and even entered the long list of the national theater award" Golden Mask ". In the same 2017 the premiere of the play "Shakespeare. Sonnets. Medieval action ". IN 2018 year, with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund, the public was presented with an inclusive performance "Borodino. Sketches of people "... This list could be continued for a long time. Individual performances and the whole theater as a whole have repeatedly become laureates of prestigious theater awards and won various grants, which made it possible to provide 20 actors with disabilities permanent paid work.

FROM 2018 year within the framework of the theater is being implemented an educational project "Inclusive theater laboratory" 19 disciplines. Master class system, regular classes from eminent theatrical figures and a staff of 35 professional teachers allows you to form a new creative space, in which people with disabilities acquire new professions and meanings of self-realization in society. The main goal of the Inclusive Theater Laboratory project is to educate future actors with disabilities for an inclusive theater.

Immediate prospects and plans for the future

Now we are also preparing to launch a joint project with the Yekaterinburg Theater Institute to create the course "Inclusive Theater and Film Actor", specially adapted for people with disabilities. As a result of the project, the actors of the theater "ORA", as well as other people with disabilities, who want to take part in the project, will be able to get higher professional education and state diplomas.

IN 2020 the theater should receive its own building, which will allow it to become an inclusive repertoire theater and provide jobs for actors with disabilities. Inclusive performances and productions will provide more than just salaries for "special" actors, but also serve as an example for other people with disabilities, that disabilities are not an obstacle to self-realization.

Problems in project implementation

Sure, the implementation of the project is not without difficulties. Not everyone is ready to withstand a fairly tight schedule of rehearsals and classes - it's hard for actors without disabilities., and the presence of various diseases imposes additional restrictions on theatrical life. There are also problems with the attendance of performances and information support of the project.. Alas, society is slowly changing attitudes towards people with disabilities, therefore, at first, many viewers are simply afraid to go to the performances of an inclusive theater, and the media are reluctant to post articles about them.

But the management and the creative team of the ORA theater does not succumb to these difficulties and is going to continue to create new performances and concert programs, to carry out shows at theatrical venues and participate in festivals, as regional, and international, organize touring tours around the country and abroad. Thus, the theater will provide support in self-realization and professional development for people with disabilities., promote their employment. Also, "ORA" is always ready to share their best practices both on the Internet., and in direct interaction with other creative teams.

Sources of project financing

Today, the main sources of financing for the theater are the Presidential Grants Fund and the Fund for the Support of Philanthropy of the KAF. Also supported by the Ministry of Social Policy, Ministry of Culture and the Public Chamber of the Sverdlovsk Region, Ever Jazz Jazz Club LLC, Central Committee "Verkh-Isetsky", United Museum of Ural Writers, Yekaterinburg Trade and Economic College, ANO "Open City and ANO" Good Deed ".

IN 2020 year, the project became the winner of the competition for the best inclusive practices in Russia, held within the framework of the federal forum "Living Inclusive Practices".


Theater group "ORA" in contact: vk.com/orateatr

Website: orateatr.com

Contacts of the organizers:

Yana Kolmagorova, Theater director “NOW”: +7922-155-42-75, teatrora@mail.ru, vk.com/yaniksss,

Larisa Abasheva, Artistic director, producer: +7902-870-00-43, teatrsharmanka@mail.ru, vk.com/teatr_sharmanka

The project won the competition “Live inclusive practices 2020”, held within the framework of the federal forum “Live inclusive practices” with the support of Presidential Grants Fund.

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