- a workshop, where people with features of mental development and intelligence work on an equal footing with the artisans, artists and volunteers. This project – for all, because it is very important, to each, who's come, I could find interesting to do and felt it necessary to.

“People with mental peculiarities of development and intelligence are isolated and have no possibility of spending time with new people and to find a suitable employment situation. Usually, after they closed the school and spend time with loved ones only. We believe, that everyone has the right to communication and meaningful work, so the "simple things" - the open space of the joint work and creativity for different people”,- says project leader Maria Grekov.

The team consists of professional craftsmen and artists, administrative part and active volunteers.

The project brings together all concerned, who cares for people, respects and hear the, who are near. Each member of the team shares the value of the project and is actively involved in its development.

For half a year the project involved more than 150 volunteers. Most actively participate in the workshop of life, working with special masters, create products, prepared meals. Inclusion of "simple things" that, that all are full-fledged participants in the process. many volunteers, they are constantly changing, therefore, people with disabilities and mental intelligence have the ability to communicate with different people and make friends. The workshops are open events, where people with features of mental development and intelligence can meet even more new people and spend time in an informal setting.

"Simple Things" began with the awareness of the problem. Quickly formed a circle of associates, He supported the idea of ​​"Animation Studio" Yes ". They helped with the paperwork, provide information support. In the "simple things" has several employees of "Studio" Yes ".

Doors shops were opened in February 2018 of the year. every weekday run workshops with 11:00 to 17:00 the following areas:
– culinary, sewing, graphic and ceramic workshops on 11 Line of Vasilyevsky Island, d. 38A.
– Joinery tanneries on line, d. 34.
Now there is a collection of funds for rental and maintenance of premises for the cafe inclusive "Cucumber", which will be the logical continuation of the expanded culinary workshop.

At the moment, work and engaged in creative work 40 people with disabilities psyche and intellect, more 100 active volunteers, 12 professional craftsmen and artists and 10 administrative person team.
One of the memorable events of the project, It was the grand Final Season 2019. It gives confidence to choose the right path. The fitted roof was organized food court, music and live chat. Parents came and special master, professionals and volunteers. We talked a lot about the project and its benefits, We get high-quality and thoughtful feedback, just spend time together, and it became clear, that there was a strong community of like-minded.

The project exists with the financial support of various grants, and cover part of the costs, retail sales and corporate bookings.

All the difficulties associated with lack of funding has always. We need the room two or three times more, but you can not rent it. The project develops, there is a search for various sources of funding, but most of them are unstable.
Now there is a fundraising platform on krudfandingovoy, to open in St. Petersburg inclusive cafe "Cucumbers" and employ 12 people with disabilities psyche and intellect. the project team is interested in the creation of various open spaces, where people with disabilities can meet in a comfortable environment with a loyal community.


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